Jetson Orders Chipotle & Starbucks


Sell More, Faster - with Voice


Create a voice-first marketplace by simply uploading your menu or catalog to Jetson™ and start reaching more customers on the millions of smart speakers, smart phones, or IoT devices compatible with Google Assistant or Alexa.

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Human-Like Ordering Experience

The buying experience with today’s voice assistants is very limited, providing only “single shot” recommendations back to the user. When enabled, our technology adds true commerce capabilities to these voice assistants by enabling “multi-step” conversations which allow users to explore a menu or catalog, customize products, and transact them in a very natural and unconstrained way.


Jetson Use Cases


Our AI technology can be applied to any channel or industry where a transaction can occur. Today, we have built solutions to power multi-billion dollar industries where voice assistants can enhance the customer experience and increase operational efficiency.




“Voice Shopping to Reach $40 Billion in U.S. and $5 Billion in UK by 2022.”

-OC&C Strategy Consultants