A complete solution designed to help you launch voice-first, faster.

Your Commerce Strategy, Our Platform


Rapidly deploy your voice-first app with less risk and more reward.


How We Integrate

Jetson partners with businesses of all sizes to provide licensing and integration of our voice-first commerce platform into existing ordering operations. We are able to provide a full end-to-end integration, hybrid integration, or simply provide our API / SDK and voice-first reference designs to your development team.


Platform Benefits


What's Included?

The Building Blocks of a Winning Voice AI Platform


Intellectual Property

We've filed patents on our proprietary voice commerce platform and voice AI meta data layer which holds the key towards a best-in-class voice experience for end users. We've also filed trademarks on our voice-first assistant "Jetson" so if your company lacks a persona to bring to bring to market, Jetson can gladly be a trusted personality that will assist your customers through next generation buying experiences.


Voice-First Design Templates

Voice-first design is a new discipline in user experience and human computer interaction. The team at Jetson prides ourselves on being the first in the industry to establish guidelines around this practice. Prevent your users from getting lost or frustrated during their voice buying experience buy leveraging our proven voice-first design templates. We use a data-driven approach towards steering users toward their original intent of purchasing via conversation, so your users will never get off track during their experience.


Partner API / SDK

Our developer friendly API / SDK focuses on three main pillars: automated searching, convenient commerce, and intelligent recommendations. The core of Jetson's platform is an AI meta layer that will capture conversational data in order to build better AI models that add the intelligence needed for a frictionless buying experience. Jetson's API builds contextual and cognitive awareness over time through machine learning and provides a continuous conversation with end users over time. Tap into this powerful technology and lead your company with Voice AI. 


Custom Engineering (NRE)

Don't worry about having to build or scale your team to meet the growing demands of consumers. If you need custom engineering or design to bring your voice-first commerce solution to market we can help.  Our experienced team can effortlessly execute your product vision with light speed. All using pre-built and custom solutions of our platform. Our collaborative business model allows for shared responsibility over your product development using Jetson's platform.