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Order food for delivery at the tap of your fingers.

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So you’re having a really busy day and you want to place an order for lunch delivery to the office. Sometimes, it’s not always a good time to speak into your device, like when using the Jetson app. Today, you’d rather type in your order and not distract your co-workers. After all, you can almost type as fast as you speak anyway. Introducing, the Jetson AI Slack application.

How to use Jetson AI

After downloading the Jetson AI app in Slack:

You will be asked where you would like to order from. Simply type an answer like, “Chipotle” or “McDonalds.” You will then be given a few categories within the store or restaurant that you can choose from. Jetson AI can assist you by walking you through the order, just like ordering in a restaurant or store! If you already know what you want, you can simply type your entire order.

Jetson AI will ask whether you want to pick up your order or have it delivered. Pick up is free and delivery costs only $1.

Using a secure two-factor authentication, Jetson AI protects your account by asking for your phone number, after you type your order. Once you respond with your number, Jetson AI will text a four-digit confirmation code to type into Slack.

If you do not have a Jetson AI account created, after giving your phone number, Jetson will send a link to click and easily sign up.

Once you are charged for your order, you will be given a time frame on when your order will be ready. Enjoy!

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What is Jetson AI?

Jetson is an intelligent, voice-AI platform which enables customers to shop, order, and pay by simply speaking into a smart speaker, mobile, or other voice-enabled IoT device.

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